Artist Statement

My artwork is a vibrant exaggeration of a natural color palette, which is key in the conceptual ideas underlining my work. The materials and subjects interplay with one another, creating themes of transformation and escapism. 

The work exists between realities. The materials are familiar through a human’s viewpoint, but are transformed into themes of sea, nature and animal worlds. Inspired by surrealism, I merge land, sea and human environments, creating a mystical world within a composition or piece of work. I juxtapose these different subjects, disregarding their true scale and treat them all as shapes fitting together as puzzle pieces. I am in awe of nature and animals and want to be a part of their world and them a part of mine. My artwork makes humans aware of animals and nature, which we live among, but often ignore. Through transforming materials and juxtaposing vibrant colors I can relate to these other worldly environments that I create in a composition, performance, installation or sculpture. The artwork is playful, whimsical and makes humans aware of non-human life forms. I create environments and scenarios that can seem absurd, nonsensical but also elude dark humor.