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In this piece, "Aquatic" I use common materials familiar to humans and transform them into forms that resemble nature or sea like creatures. The materials are actually harmful to the ocean being made of plastics mostly, but are relatable to a human viewer because of their familiarity. The layering of materials create actual texture that can be sensed and interpreted by the eye into touch. What do you see in this "Aquatic" piece? I aim for the viewer to be inspired to recognize the sea world, the world that is so close to us, but is often overlooked. 

•Mixed Media Assemblage 

•To create this piece, I first painted the surface of a board with blue acrylic paint. Then I layered organic shapes of plastic drop cloths on top of one another with gorilla glue. On each piece of the plastic drop cloth are oval shapes made with party streamers. Then, layered onto are alternating pieces of cut and contoured fabric that has been transformed with tracing paper.

•Created with Fiber, Tracing Paper, Party Streamers, Plastic Drop Cloths on Acrylic Painted Board adhered with gorilla glue and hot glue. 

•Measures Approximately 28"x28"x 1 1/2"

•This piece is meant to be hung on a wall. It does not come with a wire backing.