"Cosmic Owl"

"Cosmic Owl"

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•Inspired by surrealism and the mystical meaning behind an owl sighting I created "Cosmic Owl". Found materials and collage pieces are incorporated and juxtaposed to each other to create contrast and variety. In this piece I escape into a surreal and animal world, where I can highlight the supernatural powers of this creatures.

•Mixed Media Assemblage

•I first painted the canvas with acrylic paint. Then using charcoal I drew the owl on bristol paper. I cut the drawing of the owl out and adhered it onto the canvas with permanent spray adhesive. The plastics are attached with gorilla glue on the canvas and some are outlined with sharpie marker.

•Created with found plastics, paper, charcoal, collage adhered onto hand painted canvas.

•Measures 20" x 16" x 1 1/2"

•The piece is meant to be hung on a wall