"Hide Out"

"Hide Out"

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•The title, "Hide Out" refers to the collage pieces, which are all bird species and are hiding out in their respective ovals. Familiar materials are transformed. Plastic drop cloths and party streamers resemble something aquatic. Sea and land themes are merged evident from the materials and collage pieces. 

•Mixed Media Assemblage

•Created with Plastic Drop Cloths, Party Streamers and Collage Pieces on Painted Acrylic Canvas adhered with hot glue. 

•First the canvas is painted with loose acrylic paint brush strokes and the plastic drop cloths which have been cut out in organic forms are layered, each having pieces of party streamers glued on carefully. And within each oval a collage piece of a bird is adhered. 

•The sides of the canvas is painted with a matching color that is on the surface so no frame is needed. The piece is intended to hang on the wall. A wire on the back is not included. 

•Measures Approximately 11"x14"x1"