"Hybrid" Original Collage
"Hybrid" Original Collage

"Hybrid" Original Collage

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These little humming birds are also little fishes, flying above what resembles planets in this composition, but is actually collage clippings from a sea themed book. Worlds are merged in this piece of artwork. The sea and land with the unknown vast space in shrunk into this 5"x 7" piece of artwork. The circular faded pieces are eyeballs from a taxidermy book, but resemble planets. 

•Original collage on canvas

•First the entire canvas, front and sides were painted with acrylic paint. Next, a paint marker was used to make horizontal markings. I was able to pair and find fishes the same size as the hummingbirds from two separate sources. They all fit together to create a new world. The collage pieces are adhered on with Matte Medium, a water resistant and non-yellowing adhesive

•Measures 5" x 7" x 1 1/2"

•The piece can be displayed standing with out support or hung on a wall. It does not come with a wire on the backing.