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• In this mixed media assemblage entitled "Landscape" there are dual meanings embedded and dark humor eluded. The materials I use are human made and transformed in the foreground of the piece into something beautiful and scenic. However, these materials are actually harmful to the environment, hence the dual meaning. In this piece, like much of my artwork, I enjoy transforming materials from something familiar into something that resembles nature, or in this case part of a landscape. 

• Mixed Media Assemblage

• To create "Landscape" I first painted the entire canvas with broad strokes of paint, applying in an abstracted manner. Then I used plastic drop cloth and transformed the material with sharpie markers and zip ties. And to connect the plastic drop cloth I used chicken wire to mount the materials to the bottom portion of the canvas. 

• Created with acrylic on canvas, plastic drop cloths, zip ties, chicken wire, and staples. 

• Measures  24” x 36” x 1 ¼”, 2020

• "Landscape" is meant to be hung on the wall and is wired on the back side of the canvas.