"Mutation" Original Collage
"Mutation" Original Collage

"Mutation" Original Collage

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•The bird is mutating, being greeted by another realm. The lady bug are both from earthly worlds, but the bird is associated with the sky. Where as the lady bug lays closer to the earth. They are both mutating and their worlds are combining in this piece of artwork. 

•Original collage on canvas

•First, I painted the front and sides of the canvas with acrylic paint. I was able to find some black and white shapes from an insect book which I individually transformed with acrylic paint and paint markers. The collage pieces are adhered on with Matte Medium, a water resistant and non-yellowing adhesive

•Measures 8" x 8" x 3/4"

•The piece can be displayed on the wall. A wire is not included on the backing.