"Penguin Night Dream" Original Collage

"Penguin Night Dream" Original Collage

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•Ever feel like you're floating in a dream? In this collage the worlds of flight and wishing to fly (perhaps) are combined. Sea and the air also merge to form another worldly composition. 

•One of a kind original collage on canvas

•First the canvas is painted with loose strokes of acrylic paint. Then the subjects are meticulously cut from magazines, sea books and insect books. The while torn pieces in the foreground is tracing paper. And finally the collage pieces are adhered on with Matte Medium, a water resistant and non-yellowing adhesive

•The sides of the canvas is painted a matching blue so that a frame is not necessary. The piece can be hung on a wall, although a wire is not attached on the back of the piece. 

•Measures 8" x 10" x 1/2"