"Three Moons" Original Collage
"Three Moons" Original Collage

"Three Moons" Original Collage

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•This piece displays the cycles of the the moon and shows how creatures of the sky and land are intertwined. Merging worlds is a consistent theme in my work, and the moon is a special symbol of hope and resembles the unknown outer space. This outer dimension combined with creatures of the land create a surreal and other worldly composition. 

•Original collage with mixed media on canvas

•First I painted the surface and sides of the canvas with acrylic paint. Then I was able to find some polka doted fabric that I cut into shapes of the moon cycles pictured. Using red acrylic paint I accentuated the moons. All the collage pieces and fabric are adhered on with Matte Medium, a water resistant and non-yellowing adhesive

•Measures 8" x 10" x 1 1/2"

•The piece can be displayed standing on a surfaced as pictured or hung on a wall. A wire is not included or attached to the backing.