"White Owl" Original Collage
"White Owl" Original Collage

"White Owl" Original Collage

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•These owls are symbols of wisdom. White Owls are a reoccurring creature that appears in dreams and in artwork consistently for me. These owls have entered another dimension. Worlds of the sea and land have been combined to create a surreal and odd composition. The puff fish which has been transformed into a sun is gazing up at the one of the owls, as if they are communicating to one another. 

•Original collage with mixed media on canvas

•First I used loose brush strokes and varying colors to paint the surface and sides of the canvas. The collage pieces are meticulously cut out. The sea anemones are carefully outlined in paint marker to accentuate each. The collage pieces and a piece of polka doted fabric are adhered on with Matte Medium, a water resistant and non-yellowing adhesive

•Measures 11" x 14" x 1 1/2"

•The piece can be stand on a surface, maybe on a mantle, or can be hung on a wall. The piece does not come with or includes a wire backing.